Forests are dynamic systems. Trees are constantly growing, dying, and being replaced by new trees. Wildfire, windstorms, insects and disease all change forests every year. Wildlife depend on forests for their survival.

Forests also create value for people in many different ways, from providing privacy and high-quality recreational opportunities, to wildlife watching, to clean water, to revenue from the harvest and sale of timber.

Tree Farming is about active management to make the best of your woods better, while also providing for the needs of a growing society. Wood is a renewable resource. As Carbon Man points out, wood actually pulls carbon from the atmosphere, mitigating global climate change, as it grows.

As a woodland owner, you’re committed to the proper care and management of your woods. Active management, assisted by a professional forester through the Minnesota Tree Farm System, can help get you there.

Active management, following a Certified Tree Farm management plan designed around your personal goals for the property, can also make you eligible for a variety of Minnesota property tax relief programs.

Read our enrollment page or contact Tree Farm to set up a free meeting with a local forester and learn more about how to enroll.

September 2013 Tree Farm Inspector and QDMA Training:

This 1/2 day workshop is for forest resource mangers interested in becoming a certified a Tree Farm Inspector or for Inspectors who need to update their certification to the new 2010 Tree Farm Standards. A QDMA Land Certification Program training will be offered that afternoon at the same location. All the details are here. Drop us a line with any questions at [email protected]

Tree Farm is Minnesota’s largest network of family forest owners committed to protecting wildlife habitat and watersheds, conserving soil and providing recreation for their communities while producing wood for America.